Our products
  • Foil sleeves
  • Foil half-sleeves
  • Tapes
  • Shrinkable foils
  • Antistatic foils
  • Multi-season foils
  • Prints on foils
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  • Foil bags
  • Foil hoods for pallets
  • Interleaving foils
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  • Accelerated crop foils
  • Tunnel foils
  • Foil pads
  • Silage foils
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Biodegradable foils

Foils with a specific decomposition time under composting conditions.

Producer of foils and foil packages
The FOL-MECH company was founded in 2014. In the beginning, company focused on the production of perforators for the plastics industry.

The natural phase of company development caused the extenion of the offer in 2015 of complete machines for the foil industry.

Thanks to over 30 years of experience of the owner – Paweł Zgorzelski – in the plastics industry, in 2016 FOL-MECH obtained a subsidy for the operation of the 1.3 Mazovian Unit for the Implementation of EU Projects for research on single-layer foils with nano-particle additives.

After getting positive research results, our company obtained a grant from 3.3 MJWPU for the construction of a new production facility and a start of the production of LDPE foil with nano-particles.